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Best Recruitment Agency in Middle East (Dubai, Jordan & UAE)
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Recruiting the Best Talent for Retailers, Tech Startups, Digital Agencies, and Web Services / eCommerce Companies in the Middle East

Talent crunch in the Middle East? Let us connect to solve your hiring problems

Hiring Professionals from India

Many Indian professionals are eager to work in the Middle East. We will connect you with the right match for your organization, so you do not have to waste your resources searching for talent. Here are 5 reasons to hire Indian professionals for a startup in Middle East:

Why SutraHR? →


Startup Talent in Abundance

India’s massive talent pool for startups is fueled by a vibrant startup scene and a large population, with most Indian professionals comfortable working in an startup environment. SutraHR is a top recruitment agency in Dubai / Abu Dhabi for supplying manpower to startups and new-age IT companies.

International Mindset

Professionals in India ply their trade in global startups and have expertise developing products for a diverse audience, thus working with a global mindset. SutraHR is a placement agency in Dubai, which values its customers and completely understands the need for startups to develop a global user-base for their products and services.

Startup Tradition in Colleges

The startup culture is strongly embodied in Indian academic institutions that offer management and engineering courses. Nearly all of them have some kind of an incubator or other. In addition to the world-renowned Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), which nurture entrepreneurship, other institutes too are proactive in encouraging students to setup businesses.

Cost-effective Talent

Differences in the forex rates enable you to offer salaries that are perceivably higher for Indian professionals and lower for the organization. Startups have to function at levels that are cost-efficient. Being a top employment agency in Dubai & UAE, SutraHR fully understands the expenditures involved in recruiting and managing talent.

Better Standard Of Living

Compared to India, the standard of living is better in the Middle East, which also has an excellent infrastructure. Being a top manpower recruitment agency for Dubai startups, SutraHR is well-placed to attract a startup professional to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, etc. Indian professionals too are attracted to the concept of working in Middle Eastern startups.

Cultural Similarities

When it comes to cultural similarities between Indian and countries in Middle East, there are many common facets. And as the region is situated quite close to India, it allows families of expats to settle quite quickly. As an employment agency in Dubai, SutraHR receives numerous requests from talented professionals looking out for making a career in the Middle East.

Success Stories

SutraHR has helped hundreds of retail/ecommerce companies, startups, and digital media agencies in the Middle East...

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