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How Recruitment Works in Middle East
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How SutraHR Works

As Asia’s best manpower consultants, SutraHR follows a very systematic process that enables us to extract the best talent from all available options, thus allowing our clients in the Middle East to hire efficiently.

Want a sneak-peek of SutraHR’s world-class HR processes? Check out this awesome recruitment infographic below:

Recruitment Infographic


Still wondering how SutraHR works? Read on…

The Client

At SutraHR, our most important asset is the client. Once a client comes on board, terms and conditions are discussed openly to avoid any future confusion. This is to allow the client make an informed decision. After the agreements are signed, the real recruitment process commences.

The Requirements

At SutraHR, we believe all organizations—irrespective of their size and industry—have their own unique culture. Therefore, we intuitively analyse the requirements of the client. Data is collected after multiple conversations with the client about their expectations, vis-à-vis the desired characteristics they are looking for in prospective employees, the position they are hiring for, specific skill sets required for the position, gender, location, education qualifications etc. That’s why SutraHR assigns dedicated Account Managers to all clients.

The Search

The search for a candidate begins after the client requirements are understood and confirmed. At SutraHR, our Talent Acquisitions Specialists use an in-house database management system, in addition to job portals (premium & paid job boards, niche job sites, etc). We also use LinkedIn Premium postings and other social media channels to advertise positions. Moreover, SutraHR has been hiring in the technology, media, and digital industries from the last six years, and has strong relationships in the candidate circle.

The Recruitment

As soon as the approached job seekers show interest in the opportunity, their profile along with other details is shared with the client. This is a simple decision-making step for the client. On receiving a reply with the shortlists from the client, the recruitment team coordinates with the candidates and hiring managers to schedule interviews/tests. Once the interviews are complete and the selections are confirmed, the salary negotiations take place. Reference checks are also extensively carried out. At SutraHR, our team is constantly in touch with both the client and the candidate to enable a hassle-free process.

The Confirmation & The Joining

After the client and the candidate agree on the terms and salary, an offer letter is rolled out to him/her. The offer letter contains the salary and the joining date. Here too, the recruitment agency is heavily involved in the coordination process. Since the candidate is yet to leave his company, the agency has to ensure that he/she joins around the desired date without any delay.

Another important aspect that a recruitment agency coordinates with both the stakeholders is that of document verification (resignation acceptance, relieving letter, salary slips). Since many of our clients are based in Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, etc, we also follow up with the candidates for the required documents such as visa and passport. The candidate will now be an employee of the company once the necessary requirements, documents, and formalities have been completed based on the norms of the client’s organisation. At SutraHR, we also make mystery calls to candidates after the offer to know their level of interest.

The Payment

The recruitment agency usually raises an invoice within 30 to 45 working days (or as per the clause in the agreement), once the candidate has officially joined the client’s organisation and become an employee.

And this is how the entire recruitment process works. Since SutraHR is a quality-conscious company, it also takes feedback about everything from the client as well as the candidate during and after the process.